Authentic Taiwanese cuisine

Authentic Taiwanese cuisine

Why the name?

Bao Dao means “Treasure Island”. We think this is a perfect way for us to introduce Taiwanese cuisine, as there are so many culinary treasures from Taiwan that deserve to be explored.

As an old saying goes, good food is the one thing that never fails to bring people together. Food connects people, regardless of which culture they’re from, or language they speak. Share, love and enjoy local Taiwanese food.

“Xiao Chi”

Literally translates to “small eats” in Chinese. In Taiwan, it’s a must-do to visit a night market. These are vibrant spaces where hawkers cook a variety of delicious dishes.  


Beef Noodle Soup

This dish is a signature of Taiwanese food. We’d recommend also trying “Lu Rou Fan”, also known as Pork Belly Rice, and our Fried Basil Chicken Rice.

Are you a first-timer? Make sure you ask our friendly staff what to order.



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