Rice Burger

Rice Burger

If you want to make a special rice meal in your party, but want to make some changes, please feel free to refer to this recipe.

First, prepare these ingredients:
Taiwan short grain rice
Cooked glutinous rice burger buns
Mayonnaise or ketchup
Vegetables (such as lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.)
Meat or vegetarian burger patties (choose your preferred flavor)
Cheese slices (optional)

Then, use your imagination, start to make a rice burger
1. In a large bowl, place the cooked rice and press it lightly to form the bottom layer of the burger.
2.In another skillet, cook the burger patties until done.
3.Place a slice of cheese (optional) on top of the burger patty.
4.Add vegetables such as lettuce, tomato slices, and onion slices on top of the burger patty.
5.Add some mayonnaise or ketchup on top of the vegetables.
6.Place another cooked rice slice on top to serve as the burger’s top bun.
7.You can use toothpicks or burger picks to secure the burger, making it easier to eat.
8.Add some sauce and sesame seeds on the top to decorate your burger

Now you’re ready to enjoy delicious rice burgers at your party!

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